Training & service

In order to manufacture delicate products with top notch equipment, it is essential to make sure all the other processes are also of the best quality.

Software sales and training

We provide optimized profiles for fabric as well as the best effects and image.

Preprocessing service and know-how transfer

The preprocessing service is, as the first phase of a product, the most critical part and is performed with proper items and recipes on various types of fabric. Those who purchase our equipment are also provided with Sungmin’s vast experience and know-how.

Post-manufacturing service

It is carried out as quality control through the same process as regular printing. After treatment service is an extremely important part of the process because proper equipment and finish are required for the dye to be evenly spread on the fabric in the preprocessing stage.

Hands-on staff training and consulting service

  • Unlike our competitors, Sungmin Enterprise trains the staff to test operate and begin production within a week after the machine is delivered.
  • For immediate operation for production, pre-training regarding the color list is necessary two or three weeks prior to the arrival of the machine.
  • Sungmin’s know-how on overall quality control for digital production and consulting services are provided.