We will open up the 21st
century to you.

Welcome to Sungmin Enterprise.
We are devoutly thankful for your unwavering support and attention.

What is more important than the 42 years of history is the spirit of Sungmin.
Since its printing factory in 1973 as the first establishment, Sungmin has been manufacturing the best quality products at all times.

Everyone praises Sungmin’s history of over 40 years. More importantly than the long history, however, is the mindset to fulfill the customer satisfaction and perform the highest quality management which has been unwaveringly upheld by the founder to all the executives and employees. The passion for Sungmin’s goods, produced with sincerity, is what makes Sungmin competitive in the market.

Customer satisfaction has always been the priority over growth. The future has been more valued than the present. In order to become the best brand in Asia, design studios run by the company have been established as early as possible and direct communication and business have been active through the overseas offices (New York, London, and Shanghai)
As a printing company, Sungmin, is engaged in competition with highly recognized printing companies by attending Premiere Vision, the world’s largest textile exhibition.

We strive to fortify the capacity of developing new designs, which is the driving force of the future. In an effort to provide the best quality products, we also have continuously made new investments in production facilities in Korea and China.
As a result, we have accumulated related technologies and know-how that no one can imitate. Based on these achievements we will make a leap forward as one of the top companies competing with the world.

"Grow with the customer", "develop new products", and “attend to everything with sincerity and good faith” are the mottos of Sungmin. We recognize that without your support, Sungmin cannot be successful. We humbly ask for your endless interest and support.

We, the executives and all employees, promise to do our utmost to keep growing into the centenary.
Thank you.

Sungmin Enterprise Co, Ltd. President CEO Hwang Hojin